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News ArticleUnclaimed Baggage Center (11 July 2007)
News ArticleLottery ticket unclaimed (25 July 2002)Voice your Opinion!!!
News ArticleDivision returns $35.2 million in unclaimed funds (15 July 2002)Voice your Opinion!!!
News ArticleYou may already be a winner (11 June 2002)Voice your Opinion!!!
News ArticleNevada's unclaimed property at $10.2 million (12 April 2002)Voice your Opinion!!!
News ArticleNearly $400,000 in unclaimed property in Hall County (28
News ArticleUnclaimed tax refunds: A state-by-state breakdown (1 March 2002)
News ArticleDeadline on unclaimed county funds is March 15 (28 February 2002)
News Article$27M in tax refunds still unclaimed (28 February 2002)
News ArticleState treasurer, calling with $77,000 for Camden man (18 February 2002)
News ArticleDeSoto residents may have unclaimed property (14 February 2002)
News ArticleShow me the money (7 February 2002)
News Article$15 billion in unclaimed property nationwide (23 November 2001)
News ArticleUnclaimed Tax Rebate Checks at IRS (31 October 2001)
News ArticleThousands try for unclaimed millions (29 October 2001)
News ArticleState names residents with unclaimed assets (18 October 2001)
News ArticleTreasure Hunt Under Way (10 October 2001)
News ArticleMorgan circuit clerk has unclaimed refunds (7 October 2001)
News ArticleStates selling unclaimed assets online (2 October 2001)
News ArticleTreasury returns unclaimed property money to Louisiana charities (2 October 2001)
News ArticleMissing money? Here's how to find it (17 September 2001)
News ArticleWater board to list those due refunds (15 September 2001)
News ArticleBiggest unclaimed check is on its way (8 September 2001)
News ArticleState seeks owners of unclaimed cash (5 September 2001)
News ArticleNazis targeted world-class violins (4 September 2001)
News ArticleReunited with lost stuff, and it feels so good (4 September 2001)
News ArticleMore than $58 million in lottery money unclaimed (28 August 2001)
News ArticleA pot of gold (5 August 2001)
News ArticleUnclaimed-funds books go on tour (3 August 2001)
News ArticleChild-support: Big money never claimed (1 August 2001)
News ArticleYour pension may have been lost, but you can find it (31 July 2001)
News ArticleClerk looking to give away $ (31 July 2001)
News ArticleAre you a $28 million winner? (27 July 2001)
News Article$94,281 in unclaimed property finds home (26 July 2001)
News ArticleIllinois Lottery Jackpot Still Unclaimed (20 July 2001)
News ArticleState has more than $100 million in unclaimed property account (18 July 2001)
News Article$100 million in property unclaimed in Indiana (27 June 2001)
News Article$1.6 Million in Lottery Prizes Unclaimed (26 June 2001)
News ArticleWeb helps Minnesota find property owners (23 June 2001)
News ArticleMinnesota joins Web site for missing property (20 June 2001)
News ArticleReward offered in 'Titanic' case (14 June 2001)
News ArticleCash in on unclaimed property (10 June 2001)
News ArticleState holds property for 700,000 Hoosiers (5 June 2001)
News ArticleMulti (m) million-dollar prize remains unclaimed (31 May 2001)
News ArticleSSVEC seeks unclaimed check owners (23 May 2001)
News ArticleDoes Michigan Owe Me Money? (15 May 2001)
News ArticleDiver scours sea floor for treasure troves (9 May 2001)
News ArticleUS in dock over Nazi loot (8 May 2001)
News ArticleUnclaimed tax refunds total $38,780 (1 May 2001)
News ArticleUnclaimed lottery prize linked to Bay (26 April 2001)
News ArticleState list could make you rich (25 April 2001)
News ArticleMaloney says many missing tax refunds (24 April 2001)
News ArticleLottery begins third search for unclaimed Mega Money winner (24 April 2001)
News ArticleIRS trying to give back unclaimed tax refunds (23 April 2001)
News ArticleMaking Crime Pay (20 April 2001)
News ArticleIRS could owe you; list of names made public (17 April 2001)
News ArticleRefunds to Weston residents go unclaimed (10 April 2001)
News Article$25,000 reward for stolen Spider-Man suits (5 April 2001)
News ArticleUtah Treasurer's Office Announces On-line Unclaimed Property Search (20 March 2001)
News ArticleState searching for owners of unclaimed property (14 March 2001)
News ArticleThe Great Colorado Payback (13 March 2001)
News ArticleHad fortunes and property stolen? - "Steal it Back" (9 March 2001)
News ArticleUnclaimed property advertisement says governor's owed $85 (17 February 2001)
News ArticleGrab the cash before it's gone (15 February 2001)
News ArticleIllinois Unclaimed Property Auction (22 January 2001)
News ArticleUnclaimed Washington Lottery Prizes (17 December 2000)
News ArticleNational Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (1 October 2000)

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