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Sids, please call and collect 14m

(David Gow - The Guardian 23/02/00)

Tens of thousands of Sids, the UKs small shareholders who rushed to buy into the old British Gas when privatised in 1986 but kept their stock, have gone missing - and they are owed a lot of money.

BG, the gas pipelines and exploration group spun off from the former state monopoly, said it had identified 150,000 shareholders who had failed to cash in their dividends.

Philip Hampton, BGs finance director, said after the restructuring and share buyback scheme BG had a shareholder base of just 1.1m compared with 1.7m on demerger with what is now Centrica.

The missing 150,000 hold between 20 and 30 shares each. Mr. Hampton and David Varney, the chief executive, appealed to the missing Sids and relatives or heirs to claim back the up to 14m owed them.

MissingFortunes.Com is at present seeking more details from BG, but in the mean time if you believe you are entitled to any payment contact BG on 0800 9171577 or write to Lloyds TSB Registrars, 54 Pershore Road South, Kings Norton, Birmingham, B30 3EP.