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Lost touch with your mutual shares?

If the answer is yes, then we may be able to help you track them down.

All members who registered with 'themutual.net' by 5th June 2000 had their units converted into shares on 30th June. Members who have registered since will have their units converted in early December.

The shares are held in themutual.net nominee account operated by Capita IRG.

In June, Capita IRG had notified everyone, by email, of their IVC number which is needed to view their holding on the Capita IRG website.

If you haven’t been notified yet or lost your details then follow the points below to be reunited with your forgotten shares.

1. Go to themutual.net home page and under ‘forgot password’ enter your details to receive your username and password.

2. Access the share dealing screen and enter this information to find your IVC number.

3. Go to the Capita-IRG website, click the Shareholder Account Information button and select 'Check your Holding'.

4. Select ‘themutual.net’ in the company search box and input your name, IVC number and postcode.

5. Click on the ‘Shareholding and Valuation’ button and your holding and current valuation should be listed.

If your details do not show, you can email Capita IRG Shareholder Enquiries on ssd@capita-irg.com