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Deadline approaches for Legionnaires Refund

In August 1997, around 1,800 Sci-Fi enthusiasts paid 333 per share, in what was hyped to be the first successful British Science Fiction adventure film involving ordinary members of the public.

After 4 years of drama (mostly off screen) and the disappearance of 800,000 of investor's money, the last chance to salvage any return, is almost up.

Original Legionnaires Artwork
For the British Sci-Fi Film investors, who invested in the now defunct Legionnaires Plc Company, you have until 31 January 2002 to claim your tax refund.
Legionnaires Poster If you bought 2 shares and many did, this could represent a refund of 153.18 or even more depending on your current tax rate.
The necessary information below will help you and will only take you 5 minutes to complete.

Courtesy of:
Glenhart Productions Ltd.

Legionnaires Letters (Word Format)Letters from the Official Receiver
Legionnaires Letters (PDF Format) Letters from the Official Receiver
Example Claim FormExample Claim

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