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Dormant Accounts

Finally the veil of  secrecy is slowly being lifted on the dormant accounts and safety deposit boxes being held in Swiss banks.

The Swiss Banker's Association is now eager to return the forgotten assets, most of which belong to Holocaust survivors and the families of Holocaust victims. Thanks to the Independent Committee of Eminent Persons (ICEP), lists have now been published of the 50,000 + accounts still unclaimed since World War II.

The Claims Resolution Tribunal (CRT) administer the processing of all claims on accounts that are due to non-Swiss citizens. Uncomplicated claims can be processed under a 'fast-track' procedure. CRT can be contacted at CRT, Lowenstrasse 17, PO Box 7589, 8023 Zurich, Switzerland; Tel: +41-1-215 54 20

If you believe you are entitled to accounts not on any published list, then contact: Swiss Banking Ombudsman, Schweizergasse 2, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland; Tel: +41-1-213-1460.

Additional information is also available at the following websites;

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