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Due to the success of programs such as 'Find A Fortune' and 'The Search', who have reunited ordinary people with their lost fortunes and family inheritance, here at 'MissingFortunes.com' we launched our World Wide database to build on that success.

Everyone around the world with Internet access will be able to access this unique site and discover who is trying to locate them and pass on that 'Missing Fortune'.

Many share dividends, life policies and family inheritance are still waiting to be claimed by thousands of ordinary people.

MissingFortunes.com is a non-profit organisation. There is no cost for providing data or receiving data. Our main aim is to put members back in touch with the organisations who are trying to find them.  

Please feel free to try out our service. It may be the help you've been looking for. 

To contribute or advertise on MissingFortunes.Com contact the Webmaster on 01924 865738 or email Webmaster@MissingFortunes.Com

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